Getting acquainted: how to seduce online?

After the first contact, comes the time of seduction and the desire to meet before provoking the meeting. Do you want to learn more and tell him about yourself but you do not know how to reveal yourself? Here are some tips to find out more about the person you are interested in before the decisive step of the first date.

Keep your personality

Do not try to hide your personality even if it is strong. Mark your singularity, what characterizes you, and what makes you loved for who you are. The basics must be clear from the outset so as not to distort the future of your relationship. Stay natural without doing too much, and remember that the person who is made for you will be the one who will also like your little flaws.

Reveal yourself gradually

Talk about yourself, unfold yourself little by little to stir the curiosity of the other and invite him to ask you about what you are passionate about. Answer the questions honestly while keeping a positive spirit with a little mystery to make you want. Show that you feel good about yourself (even though you may have had a hard time) and that you are now ready to share your happiness.

Forget your doubts

Getting to know someone you met on the internet is always tricky. We are afraid of saying too much or not being interesting and miss our chance. Just stay open to the discussion. Even if you have been around the world, your life is exciting, do not monopolize the conversation and let it take its course. If you have a lot to say or want to know more about each other, keep this craze for your first date.

Discover each other

Focus on open questions to get to know your audience. If you ask questions that can be answered yes or no, the conversation will have no dynamic and will end quickly. Feed the exchange with questions that invite you to develop a response to get to know each other better. Do not be afraid to use why, where, when, how … without too much effort not to fall into the interrogation.

Stay tuned

Getting to know each other online means establishing a dialogue. Let the other person answer your questions without overwhelming him with information or requests. Show yourself curious and interested in what he or she likes. The person behind the screen must feel comfortable and want to indulge in you. If the person shares anecdotes where things a little more intimate is a sign that the current passes and you enjoy exchanging.

Find your areas of common interest

During the discovery phase, take the opportunity, if it presents itself, to identify and highlight common points. This is a great way to see if you have certain compatibilities and share passions that can bring you closer in the future. If you have a few different hobbies, it can also be a good way to awaken the curiosity of others and to make new experiences.

Avoid angry subjects

Getting to know each other does not necessarily mean telling your life. Problems with your ex, with your children, your complexes …. you will have time to talk about it later. If you get in too quickly in intimacy you risk frightening the person who may not be ready to hear the difficulties you have encountered in your life. Same thing with the wishes of marriage, to found a home at all costs and very quickly …. Your objective for the moment is to get to know each other and for a meeting if there is a click.

Avoid the pitfalls

In your conversations, try to find out if your speech rings true or if the person is just trying to make you feel closer to you. You must feel the naturalness of the person in his messages and pay attention to evasive speech and vague answers. Avoid giving your personal details, it is wiser to stay on the chat online dating sites until the first appointment.

Go from virtual to real

After having covered the general topics to discover what is passionate, you realize that your exchanges are pleasant and that you would pass well to the next step: the first meeting. Send signals that you are not indifferent, everything should flow naturally. Choose a place where you will both be comfortable getting to know each other by building trust and enjoying the moment without worrying about what’s around you.

The discovery of the other is a happy time full of mystery, excitement and hope. With these few tips, the first date should arrive soon! If you think you have met the right person, you will put all the chances on your side to meet him and make your first meeting, which may open the way to building a serious and lasting relationship.