Swing Lifestyle dating site for the swinging community

Swing Lifestyle is the main site for the swinging community

Among our tests of dating sites, on Did not yet talk about Swing Lifestyle. Not because the site is not interesting but simply because the platform is a reference for swingers meetings and because its quality does not lend itself to debate. We still chose to fix this error by presenting the SwingLifestyle platform, its functionalities and its basic principles.

Presentation of Swing Lifestyle

Swing Lifestyle (https://swinglifestyle.online) is the main site for the swinging community. The Swing Lifestyle site is the center of the swinging community . Half dating site, half social network, it will allow you to organize your swinger life by keeping you informed of the events organized each month, by exchanging with the participants and by finding, if necessary, men or women to accompany you .

All fantasies are welcome on Swing Lifestyle.com. Whether you are alone looking for a couple for a threesome, a couple who is looking for another for swingers, whether you are gay, straight or bi, you will be welcomed positively on the site and will be able to exchange and discuss with very many people not far from your home. The seniority and the national presence of the site will allow you to get in touch with many men or women who share your vision of sex and swinging.

In the area of ​​functionality Swing Lifestyle has not chosen to reinvent the wheel, it uses the basic functionality found on most good social networks. Chat, messaging, rich profile, photo albums, search engine … The only difference between Swing Lifestyle and Facebook ultimately lies in the nature of the content published, those present on Swing Lifestyle being very very explicit. Do we need to specify that the site is reserved for an adult audience? Probably not…

Registration and subscription prices

Registration on Swing Lifestyle is free but subscriptions are available. The prices are reasonable since the first subscription starts at € 1.90 for 2 days. Naturally, the more you commit on the long term the more the price will be interesting. We are not going to be too long on the rates since they may have to change but just know that in view of the services and especially the community present on Swing Lifestyle they are very reasonable.

Site rules

If we were to bring a flat to the site, it seems that it is difficult to meet there en masse when one is a lonely man. As in a swinging club couples are more attractive than single men and you will face strong competition if you do not have any particular characteristic or talent. Maybe it would be interesting to register on Swing Lifestyle in addition to other sites of sex plans more adapted to the men having nothing to exchange with other couples.

Our opinion

Swing Lifestyle is a reference in the sector and did not wait for our positive opinion for this. If you are swingers testing this site is mandatory. If you are simply looking for an ass without really sticking to the spirit of swinging you will find a little less interest and we would rather advise you to test a site 100% ass but the moderate prices may allow you, what that it happens, to test the service.