The best sites for adult personals

Depending on whether you are looking for quality, price, meeting a woman, man or trans, here is the subjective list of the best dating sites. Precision probably useless but we must add, these sites offering connections with men and women, they are very borderline at the legal level and can disappear at any time. We will update this list over time.


For the title of best site adult personals the suspense will be quite brief as BackPage dominates the competition. Since the disappearance of CraigsList, it is the site that contains the largest number of ads. It should be noted that BackPage offers very little ads for transsexuals, so we will offer a specialized site below.

Technologically and functionally, BackPage is also ahead of the competition. It offers chats with women, a multi-criteria search engine, has a section dedicated to tours that will particularly interest those who struggle to find women in their city, showcases the best women with a trophy system based on reviews and offers ads with video that can detect more easily fake and photoshop. It will just be regretted that the opinions are undoubtedly moderate so as to leave room for praise that is sometimes too good to be true.

BackPage is free for customers, only women can pay to gain visibility. It is probably this paid service that will one day cause problems for BackPage. In the meantime, if you are looking for a woman, this is the place to find her.

Best trans woman site: DoubleList and Bedpage

If you are looking for a transsexual woman, BackPage will not satisfy you but other sites have specialized on this “market”. This is the case of DoubleList , which offers, at the time of writing, 3922 ads for trans women all over France. For comparison he offers “only” 2500 ads ad personals. At the technological level the site is very far from being at the level of these competitors, research and filters are for example less intuitive than those of BackPage, but its specialization makes it a must for all fans of trans women. The comments seem real and unmoderated, as well as the ads, the site is free for customers and women can either publish their ad for free or ask to upgrade to “premium” for 99 € per month.

The other reference trans women site is Escort Directory. A bit like DoubleList it is not very practical but it offers a supply of transsexuals and transvestites. By visiting their page dedicated to trans women you will see their picture and their location and can then contact them if you like.

Best site to meet escorts : Wannonce and Vivastreet

The sites mentioned above mainly offer services for “luxury” women, at least at the price level. These women must amortize their expenses including advertising, housing in beautiful neighborhoods, photos / videos … and may be out of reach of some scholarships. If you are looking for cheap women, Vivastreet and Wannonce are the ones who offer the most. Attention all the same, the rates are only very rarely posted on the site, there is no follow-up comment and photos are not verified. These free ad sites can therefore attract crooks. The world of prostitution is generally risky but that of cheap prostitution is even more, so be very careful if you are looking for a cheap women on one of these sites.

Best gay dating site: Vivastreet and PopGay

Women and gays have less trouble finding sex with men than heterosexual men, so there is less demand and therefore less supply. If you are looking for Gay meetings and you are a woman Vivastreet can offer you offers of young men who are looking for easy money but will not be unpleasant. If you are a man and are looking for a gay meeting Vivastreet will also do the trick but you can also go to popgay who offers ads all over the world. It has the form of a blog a little amateur but it does not mean that you will not make interesting meetings.

The best dating site for kinksters: FetLife

FetLife is not really a dating site, it is rather a platform that offers women to create a site to her to become independent. On its home page the site offers links to the latest sites created with its platform but unfortunately it does not display a directory sorting all the sites of the meetings.

The other sites to find a free adult hookup

If you become a little addicted to escort and it starts to come back a bit too expensive, dating sites specialized in sex. On AdultFriendFinder or on Gleeden you will be able to find easily and quickly girls who look like you for one night’s blows. Registration is free and paid options are available to increase the visibility of your profile or allow you to get in touch with even more girls.