Which Dating Site to Choose in 2019?

Are you looking for a serious dating site to get out of celibacy? Or maybe a story without a future? In any case, here are the best dating sites for the year 2019, those who have already proven themselves and give the best results … New or old … It’s up to you!


Meetic is aging rather well, remains a reference, an essential site in the field of online dating. Thanks to his numerous updates and the efficiency of his advertising campaigns, he remains one of the European leaders. It still offers a very wide choice of singles despite the competition from other sites and now offers evenings and outings IRL.
Listed side, there is a crowd on Meetic, and there is something for all tastes and all expectations … It is that the site remains a must which always offers a very wide choice of singles despite the competition from other sites, a very open approach that will require each and everyone to achieve a big “sorting”. Advantage on Meetic, you can look for both the woman (or the man) of your life and the one (or the one) of the next night …

Meetic is for you if:
– You want to have a maximum of choice
– You want to participate in events organized by Meetic
– You have a lot of time to devote to the virtual meeting


Very open while remaining a serious dating site, Bazoocam.site is for both people looking for love (section “Love”) and those looking for relationships lighter (section “Flirt”), this distinction avoids a lot of lost time and misunderstandings. Moreover, heterosexuals and homosexuals are welcome on Bazoocam.
Whatever your desires or situation, you will find Bazoocam partners to meet your expectations. Because of this particularity, this site has a very large community spread throughout France where all age groups are represented. Also note the webcam chat or
audio and video presentations of the different profiles. An effective, accessible, and free site for women.

Bazoocam is for you if:
– Looking for local meetings
– You want to join a large community
– The possibility of making serious and less serious meetings interests you


American heavyweight dating sex, a site where an imposing crowd crosses without always meeting, to privilege if you are comfortable with your fantasies and your requirements, because the choice is large and the possibilities varied. Very interesting in terms of the diversity of members encountered, DoublList.net remains a reference, a must for the online dating naughty.

Whatever your search and profile, you will have the opportunity to find satisfaction, for not very expensive and not far from home. No one is excluded, which opens to all types of experiences: singles, couples, heterosexuals and gays are welcome. A perfect site if you know what you want.

Men and women: From 8,81 € / month

DoubleList is for you if:
– You are not looking for anything serious
– You want to have a lot of choices in your meetings
– You are comfortable with your sexuality and open minded

Victoria Milan

Created in 2010, Victoria Milan surfs on the niche of the meeting naughty and adultery and obtained great success in Northern Europe and Brazil. Its particularity is the emphasis on user safety, and everything seems to have been thought in this direction: “Panic” button to exit the site at a glance, “Auto-Logout” function that will close all windows after a determined period of inactivity, access key that secures the photos, et cetera. The site has more for him a growing popularity and an increasingly large community attracted by the sharp confidentiality of the site.

Victoria Milan is for you if:
– You are looking exclusively for adulterous and libertine dating
– A secure site reassures you


Pleasant, modern and trendy interface, ergonomic site and classic features. Adopteunmec can be an experiment to try, but be careful gentlemen, you will only be able to write to women if they allow you to, otherwise it will be belt! Note that it seems that many people (including men) on this site are looking for sex first.
The lightness of AdopteUnMec, supposed to play down all that encompasses the meeting, has turned into frivolity, and does not always meet a serious partner for a lasting relationship. On the site, there are people from all backgrounds, from all CSPs but not from all ages. The members are rather young: 18-35 years are the most represented, and it is very rare to meet subscribers over 45 years. Women are generally uninhibited, active and modern, and fully assume their sexuality.

Adopte is for you if:
– You want to have a maximum of choice
– You are a woman and you want to be able to select the profiles authorized to contact you
– You stay open on the type of meeting you are looking for
– You have a lot of time to devote to the virtual meeting


FetLife is a site of German origin that owes its existence to the creators of eDarling, of which he is the little brother. Like its illustrious predecessor, the site is exclusively for people who are looking for a serious relationship and are not shy about answering a long personality test to register.
This test is intended to be complete and detailed to present users with profiles supposed to match them and with whom they are likely to agree in a romantic relationship. As for eDarling, which is a more modern and popular version, FetLife does not allow to contact subscribers whose profile is not recognized “compatible”.

FetLife is for you if:
– Looking for a strong and lasting relationship
– You want a personality test to select profiles that match you
– You are over twenty-five years old


A heavyweight of the affinity encounter of German origin. eDarling offers a compatible profile detection system which is undoubtedly its biggest asset. Indeed, thanks to a complete personality test taking into account both your expectations and your character or lifestyle, this site is able to offer targeted meetings and profiles of singles made for you.
Probably one of the most serious sites in the market for singles looking for quality relationships and who do not necessarily want to multiply relationships but who prefer to focus on truly compatible singles, although this notion is subjective. Too bad that eDarling is nevertheless not very affordable for short subscriptions, and just cheaper for long subscriptions.

Attractive World

Among the most serious dating sites, Attractive World distinguishes itself from its competitors by two specificities. The first concerns selection at registration. To join this singles community, your profile is first voted on by other members. About 30 to 40% of profiles are accepted.
The second particularity of AW concerns the organization of events: parties, outings, holidays, weekends, brunches, afterwork, birthdays, etc. These events are directly proposed by members or administrators, and everyone is free to register, directly from the site. This interactivity leaves a great freedom of action to singles and allows more direct encounters. It also limits some disappointments and avoids staying forever glued to your computer. A must.

Attractive World is for you if:
– Looking for a strong and lasting relationship
– Your search is serious and demanding
– Meet singles at parties, outings and other events near you may interest you
– You are over twenty-five years old